Why Polls?


With over 4000+ Polled carcases across the 3 operations – our success is proven by the data.
Providing superior carcase performance with the additional benefit of no horns.


Our bulls are already acclimatised to all Australian conditions, being used in all Australian States and Territories. You can introduce poll wagyu genetics to your herd, without impacting your operating system.

Welfare – cattle and people

Horns are for cars… Welfare concerns related to dehorning – and the associated reputational risks for cattle farmers – are mounting. Besides safety issues, dehorning costs time and labour. In intensive grazing systems, the branding or marking process is over 50% faster when dehorning is eliminated. In extensive systems, poll cattle eliminate the need for an additional early muster, and losses associated with dehorning of older calves.

De-horning is typically the worst job we do as cattle producers. It is a job that nobody enjoys doing, however is necessary when using horned genetics. With the carcase performance of polled Wagyu proven, there is now no need to compromise. You can have everything that makes Wagyu special, without the need to de-horn.

Overall Positivity

By emphasising Genetic Quality, Adaptability, and Welfare considerations, Poll Wagyu presents a compelling solution for cattle farmers seeking superior performance, operational efficiency, and improved animal welfare.