Origins – How We Developed Poll Wagyu


Poll Wagyu

Poll Wagyu brings together the expertise and dedication of three prominent families in the Wagyu industry. The Hammond family of Robbins Island Wagyu in Tasmania, the De Bruin family of Mayura Station in South Australia, and the Hamblin family of Strathdale Wagyu in Queensland joined forces to create a genetic powerhouse. With a shared passion for breeding high-quality Wagyu cattle, these families have pooled their knowledge, resources, and exceptional bloodlines to establish Poll Wagyu. Through their collaboration, they are pushing the boundaries of genetic excellence in the Wagyu industry, delivering superior quality, performance, and innovation.

In 2015 the joint venture: Poll Wagyu was born. Combining the Hammond’s original polled genetics, Bar R 52Y, and the best genetics from Mayura and Strathdale Wagyu (Itoshigenami JNR and MOYFD0507) to set the genetic base of which the business was built from. The first priority was to ensure carcass performance was not affected. Our focus was to keep everything that makes Wagyu special, plus add polling.

All 3 operations have been putting progeny through their carcase supply chains and linking carcase data back through the system. With this carcase data at our fingertips – Poll Wagyu offer a phenotypically sound animal that performs as a breeder or carcase animal, with the additional poll advantage.

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