Premier Poll Wagyu Sale

Leyburn Queensland & Online
Thursday 31 August

Poll Wagyu is excited to offer elite poll females and poll bulls from the core of our breeding herd. This is an opportunity to capitalise on 8 years of hard work on the polls, and decades of knowledge, breeding and expertise in the Wagyu industry. These cattle are the top end of not only Polled Wagyu, but have proven to match it on the hooks with the fullblood sector. We have held off selling females for a long time, wanting to get runs on the board and focus on genetic diversity. However, the time has come to open the doors and allow the industry the opportunity to take these elite animals in whatever direction they choose. 8 years later, with over 4000+ Polled carcases across the 3 operations – our success is proven by the data. Providing superior carcase performance with the additional benefit of no horns. An opportunity not to be missed.

Live Animal Inspections:

A selection of these animals will be presented on sale day, but not all, so come along for a close up inspection.

Northern Sale Cattle 
7 August
Leyburn QLD 4365

Southern Sale Cattle
9 August
Millicent SA 5280


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