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Poll Wagyu brings together the expertise and dedication of three prominent families in the Wagyu industry. The Hammond family of Robbins Island Wagyu in Tasmania, the De Bruin family of Mayura Station in South Australia, and the Hamblin family of Strathdale Wagyu in Queensland joined forces to create a genetic powerhouse. With a shared passion for breeding high-quality Wagyu cattle, these families have pooled their knowledge, resources, and exceptional bloodlines to establish Poll Wagyu. Through their collaboration, they are pushing the boundaries of genetic excellence in the Wagyu industry, delivering superior quality, performance, and innovation.

Bar R 52Y (BRCPG0052) Heterozygous Poll Bull

Since Bar R 52Y (BRCPG0052) progeny have been coming through the Robbins Island Program the profitability and consistency has increased immensely.

+1100 Bar R 52Y Progeny have now been processed through the Robbins Island Wagyu Program.

An additional 31 Bar R 52Y Progeny were processed in a trial in Queensland. The dams of these animals were all Hammond Farms original Heterozygous Polled females. The animals entered the feedlot at ~250kg and were processed young, at approximately 24-26 months of age in an effort to push for carcase data. This yielded mixed results, but allowed us to rank our poll females.

A comparison of MarblingCarcase Weight and Eye Muscle Area between Bar R 52Y Progeny and Kanadagene 100 Progeny in the same contempary groups.

Hammond Farms ranks Kanadagene 100 as the top bull in their program before they went polled. Bar R 52Y ranks slightly lower on BMS, but makes up the difference with Carcase Weight.

Bar R 52Y Steers – Robbins Island Wagyu Program


Kanadagene 100 Steers – Robbins Island Wagyu Program